Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Your name is "Bee Kind MN," is this only for Minnesota?

No, It's not just for Minnesota. The "MN" is because that's where we're based, though the problem is a global issue. We love getting registrations from outside of Minnesota, though we will send a seed recommendation list for your area, in the place of pollinator seeds.

2. Is there a registration fee?

Registration with us is completely free of charge.

3. Do I get anything when I register?

Yes! When you register a bee house with us, you will receive a Welcome Packet through the mail. This packet includes an Official Bee Kind House Registration Certificate with your name and bee house registration number. If you live in Minnesota, you will also receive a packet of pollinator seeds to start your own pollinator garden. If you live outside of the state of Minnesota, we send you a seed recommendation list for your area (to start a pollinator garden).

4. Is it okay to use Cedar wood for my bee house?

No. Due to Cedar's natural insecticidal properties, it may bee harmful to the bees. Any other untreated, natural wood should work fine.

5. Do you sell bee houses?

Currently, we do not sell bee houses, though we hope to sell kits in the future.

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